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Syeda Uddin

Jusna Uddin (Shahena) (04/05/68-18/01/19) fundraising page for Central London Mosque



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My name is Syeda Noreen Uddin. I am raising money for London Central Mosque Trust & the Islamic Cultural Centre otherwise known as Regents Park Mosque. I want to raise this money in my mothers name as a form of Sadaqa Jariyah inshallah. The fund will go towards the restructure of the dome.

London Central Mosque is a fundamental Islamic landmark in London. It has been representing Islam and providing a safe space for prayer since the Second World War. The dome has suffered damaged over the years due to weather and age. The minaret desperately needs major maintenance. The dome is not accessible to the top anymore due to the cost of a lift and repairs that need to satisfy health and safety rules. The mosque needs to raise £1.5million in order to continue its journey in making Islam accessible to all. The mosque oversees 1,500 official visitors per month, making it one of the leading institutions in the field of Islamic Education.

Raising money for this mosque means a lot to me for personal reasons. My mum and I had planned that this Ramadan we would go and pray tarawih at Regents Park Mosque. Sadly we didn't reach this Ramadan together. My mum has left my brothers and me at the age of 50. She fell asleep on Friday 18th of January 2019, and we miss her dearly. Therefore this Ramadan is special and I really want to do something that will continuously benefit my mum's soul in the hereafter.

I will be grateful if you join me in raising £3000 towards the above cause. Everything we do should be for the sake and pleasure of Allah SWT and may the almighty reward our efforts and intentions Ameen.

"Whomever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him/her a house like it in Paradise."

Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 439, Sahih Muslim 533

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