Fundraising for the Centres Utilities Bills

Fundraising for the Centres Utilities Bills



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Utilities bills

Total cost: £133,000 Per Year

London Central Mosque and The Islamic Cultural Centre, together with being a place of worship, is also a place of socializing and serving the needs of the Muslim community and the British society at large . The Centre is envisioned to be, with your help and participation, a Centre of education, peace promotion and understanding. We hope your Centre will not only nurture a growing Muslim community in the area but will also foster interfaith relations and serve the British society through tolerance, interaction and participation, thus building a better way of life for all. This Centre has been operating for over seventy years. Do not let it disappear due to lack of funds. Please sponsor and help keep the Centre running by donating generously to help pay the monthly bills and utilities which include water, electricity, and gas.

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First donation made!

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Fundraising started!

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